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The old Bishop. Now! He led them down into a chamber that was located directly beneath the sacristy. Gabriel locked the gate behind them, working the key as silently as possible. He was the last to arrive below, and saw them standing in the middle hot sex pics of sex pics a round room. Its shallow domed ceiling was sex img search so low that he was forced to bend over as he descended into it. Gabriel knew that this was a burial place; a grotto containing the tombs of Christian martyrs from the second century. The old Bishop approached a round marble altar in the middle of the chamber.

Around them, within porn pictures evenly spaced niches, lay seven sarcophagi. The Bishop embraced the images dais and strained against it. We must slide this aside, he whispered. The entrance to the tunnel lies beneath it. Gabriel and Natasha jumped to his aid, and within moments the stone altar began to move. Fra Bartolomeo crossed himself, thanking God that the ancient hinges had somehow remained silent. Only a damp gust of xxx wind had escaped from the tunnel mouth, the thick air smelling of musty earth.

It seemed terribly cold. Suddenly from above, filtering down sex pics the marble steps, came the soft patter of dozens of feet. All looked up. Nasrallah's men were just outside. We have no time to lose, whispered the Bishop. I will go first. The Bishop descended a short ladder into sex the tunnel.

Its walls were of raw earth, with the only support coming from crude timbers erected at odd intervals. The porn others followed immediately, including Shackleton, who surprised everyone by descending the ladder as xxx adeptly as a circus animal. Gabriel came last in order to struggle with the closing of the altar above. Much to his surprise, it swung into its closed position almost effortlessly. Somebody went.